Letters of Authentication

Letters of Authentication

The overwhelming biblical, archeological, and historical evidence has led many religious leaders throughout the world to recognize this location as the authentic site of Jesus' baptism.

On this page you'll find letters of authentication from top religious leaders and archeologists as well as uncover the primary evidences that lead authorities to confirm this site's authenticity.

The Evidence

Wadi al-Kharrar is the modern name for the site of "Saphsaphas", which is depicted on the 6th century mosaic map of the Holy Land in Madaba. The site lies east of the Jordan River, just west of the village of Al-Kafrayn and within sight of the famous town of Jericho west of the river.

At the beginning of Wadi al-Kharrar, near the monastic complex, or "Laura", Christian pilgrims have traditionally been shown a hill (known as Jabel Mar Elias in Arabic) where the Prophet Elijah ascended into heaven. Here, you can see a sanctuary that attracted pilgrims well into the medieval period.

The Russian pilgrim Abbot Daniel was impressed by the place and in 1106 he wrote: "Not far away from the river, at a distance of two arrow throws, is the place where the Prophet Elijah was taken into Heaven in a chariot of fire. There is also the grotto of Saint John the Baptist. A beautiful strong fast stream (torrential rain) full of water flows over the stones.The water is very cold, has a very good taste and is the water that John drank.