Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our Purpose:
The Baptism Site is also known as “Bethany Beyond the Jordan”, and is a legally protected National Park.

Our main purpose includes the following:

  1. Preserve the site as it is, so when pilgrims visit the site they can see it just as Jesus and John saw it.
  2. Open the site to pilgrims. Although always determined by the above point, we want to make the site as accessible and convenient for pilgrims to visit. The site is for them. We hope that it can once again become a major Pilgrimage Station, serving pilgrims from all over the world, all denominations and all faiths.

Vision of Site:

  1. We hope the Baptism Site can help revive the old Pilgrimage Trail, which included visits to Mount Nebo, Madaba, Umm al Rassas and Mukawir.
  2. We hope to be able to offer short 1-day Pilgrimage Trails, as well as longer ones for 3 days.