1. How do I organize a baptism? There are currently two openings on the River Jordan itself where you can be baptized. One place is beside the Greek Orthodox church, and the other is near the Catholic church. In addition to these two places, we also have Baptism Fountains (for children), and a Baptism Pool (for adults) available. All water comes directly from the River Jordan. We need a day’s notice to arrange baptisms in the fountain or the pool.
  2. How do I find the Baptism Site? The site is a few kilometers from the Dead Sea, and Mount Nebo. It is well sign posted from the Dead Sea.
  3. How do I get an entry visa to Jordan? Visas are issued from Jordanian Diplomatic and Consular Missions aboard or from major ports of entry according to regulations.
  4. Where can I obtain information on how to visit Jordan? You can either check the Jordan Tourism Board’s website,, or you can check the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ website,
  5. What should I bring with me to the Baptism Site? For many visitors making their first visit to the Baptism Site we have compiled a checklist of some of the most important items you may wish to carry with you: Hats, sunglasses and other covering.If you’re visiting in summer, large brimmed hats that provide not only a head covering but also a certain amount of shade will come in very handy in the hot Baptism Site sun.
  6. What is the national language? Official language is Arabic. English is widely utilized as a second language. Our employees can speak English, Russian, French, etc.
  7. What if I want to travel alone? Not to worry if you are coming alone. Jordanians are very friendly and is especially called a land of hospitality. Traveling alone is generally safe and relatively comfortable for both men and women. Plan your trip around your interests and prepare yourself to visit the Heart of the Holy Land.
  8. What are the medical services available in Jordan? Medical services are available in all cities. Non-prescription drugs are available at pharmacies as well as some supermarkets, hotels, and shopping centres. International class hotels also have their individual in-house medical Doctor to service their guests.
  9. Is it safe to drink tap water? It is generally safe to drink water directly from the tap. However, mineral water is also readily available in shops and supermarkets everywhere.
  10. How do I rent and drive a car in Jordan? You will require an international driving license. Car rental can be arranged the minute you arrive at the airport through hotels and through various car rental companies which can be located at Yellow Pages Directory.
  11. Are there any cultural tips I should know about to avoid cultural offense? To avoid “cultural offenses” when you visit a religious places, here are some tips: dress neatly in suitable attire which covers arms and legs when you visit the Baptism Site. Refrain from raising your voice or displaying fits of anger as considered ill mannered; remove shoes and dress neatly in suitable attire which covers arms and legs, if you visit any mosques.