Historical Sites

The Pools

Three pools can be seen on the “Tell”. The first one is located on the lower southern slope, dating to the Late Roman period during the 3rd-4th centuries AD. The other two pools are located on the top of the northern edge of “Tell al-Kharrar”. Rectangular in shape, the southern pool had an inner staircase on the eastern side, and four steps extending the full width of the pool can be seen. Pilgrims would descend into the pool to be baptized.

The two northern pools are almost square in shape and also date from the same Roman period. Ashlars were added near the southwestern corner of the northwestern pool in later periods, possibly to form a staircase to go down into the pool. The pools received their water supply through aqueducts.

Excavations under the damaged floor of the pool revealed a well dating from the Early Roman to Late Byzantine periods. Circular on top, it is built of well-cut sandstone ashlars.